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5 Elements Gem and Mineral
 Call us at: 541-343-2201
Crystal Tumbles, Exotic Specimens, Mineral Expertise
5 Elements Gem and Mineral ® 2100 West Broadway, Eugene, Oregon 97403

Interested in lapidary services?

2100 West Broadway 
Just west of Garfield St

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

11 am to 5 pm
We provide a large selection of Crystal specimens, gemstones, educational and fluorescent minerals, gem and mineral identification, collection appraisals, rock slicing, drilling, and polishing.

Additionally, we carry many Lapidary machines and supplies including rock tumblers, rock polishing grit, polish, saws, silicon carbide belts and discs, grinding and polishing, diamond compounds and drills. Also machine repair and servicing. Jewelers tools and supplies including pliers, ring mandrels and gauges, soldering paste, flux, pickle, soldering blocks. Bench pins, magnifiers. saw frames and blades

Retail store for miners specimens. crystals fossils, cutting materials, lapidary and jewelers equipment and supplies
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